Executive Summary

Bringing AI on-chain
In the midst of a bear market and dire predictions of the end of cryptocurrencies, RosyWhale steps up to provide some practical ways to invest successfully in the crypto market - ensuring a steady income and mitigating risk factors. Fully on-chain, 100% your own custody. Bringing AI on-chain utilizing Arbitrum Ecosystem.
The RosyWhale project offers Real Yield AI on-chain strategies
There are many trading bots on the market, developed to deal with the high volatility and “24/7, never sleeps” nature of crypto trading. Most apply commonly-known strategies, based on indicators that are widely available.
RosyWhale, on the other hand, runs on an algorithm that has been four years in the testing, and applies an absolutely unique strategy that has been named Gap 3.5. Without revealing the mathematical formulas that drive it, in essence, the smart AI individualizes and optimizes position sizing, resistance and support levels, and optimum entry and exit points.
Gap 3.5 makes use of investment theories and techniques such as grid trading, regression channels, retracement graphs, and momentum. It allows for a multidimensional grid where an entire portfolio made up of multiple pairs can be traded automatically and simultaneously and with minimal risk.
The founders have tested and adjusted the algorithm over the past four years and have found the strategy to be effective in bull, bear, and swing markets. Risk mitigation measures calculate the potential risks of each trade and also provide guidance to investors on the optimum number of tokens to hold.
Token presale will take place in Q2 of 2023, with the immediate launch of Arbitrum Vaults & the token.

Putting proven and on-chain AI strategies and the secrets of the whales to equip investors with DeFi tools on Arbitrum.